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USA Select National Youth Football League Coach & Volunteer Certification

In order to preserve the safety and well being of youth participating in USA Select National Youth Football League (USASNYFL) programs and events, the following policy has been adopted requiring stringent background screening for all volunteers  and coaches.

Please read the disqualifications below, then proceed to one of the two Certification/ Background Check link at the bottom of this page.

Coaches and Volunteers must also obtain the Safe Sport Act Certification, which is included.


Criminal Background Check Policy for USA Select NYFL Coaches and Volunteers

In order to preserve the safety and well being of youth participating in USA Select National Youth Football League (USASNYFL) programs, the following policy recommended by USA FOOTBALL has been adopted requiring stringent background screening for all volunteers, as well as youth football and cheer coaches.


Background checks are mandatory for all coaches, and volunteers.

A national criminal background check (as opposed to a county/local background check) will be performed annually (calander year).

In addition, USASNYFL will reserve the right to conduct random checks on all volunteers each year.

All coaches and volunteers will be required to submit to an individual criminal background check.

Failure to have a completed background processed will disqualify the volunteer or coach from participating until such time the background check and certifications are completed.

National Criminal Background Screening Process

USASNYFL has selected NATIONAL CENTER FOR SAFETY INITIATIVES (NCSI) to perform the national background checks for all volunteers and coaches. NCSI is a national corporation that offers and promotes several programs benefiting the youth. NCSI conducts criminal background checks for prospective volunteers, and youth sports coaches.

It Coach/Volunteer will be responsible for obtaining the background check from NCSI.  No other background checks will be accepted.

USASNYFL will receive an Approved or Disapproved report on each volunteer that is submitted. Only disapproval's will be notified via email by NCSI.

If conviction(s) are found, all details including charges, court disposition(s), and sentencing will be provided. If the volunteer profile includes any of the disqualifications listed below, the volunteer will be disqualified and, therefore not allowed to coach or volunteer in the youth sports program.

The individual who has been disqualified will receive email notification from NCSI informing the individual of his/her disqualification and information on how to dispute the results of the profile and his/her right to appeal.


Appealing Decisions

Any coach/volunteer not approved by NCSI background check may request an interview/review by the “Background Check Sub-Committee” of USASNYFL.

The vote of the sub-committee regarding the appeal will be final.

How to Appeal

To appeal a decision, a person must file a notice of appeal.

The notice of appeal must be mailed by registered mail to the USASNYFL Director, P.O. Box 23056, San Antonio, TX 78223 within 15 days of receiving the background check notification letter.

A copy of the decision that is being appealed (e.g., the notification letter) should be included with the notice of appeal.

In order for the notice of appeal to be accepted, it must include:

1. The full name and address of the appellant.

2. The name of the person, if any, making the request for an appeal on behalf of the appellant (e.g., lawyer or spokesperson).

3. The address of the person making the request on behalf of the appellant.

4. The ground for the appeal (provide a detailed explanation of the appellant’s objections to the decision; describe additional facts or factual errors in the decision.)

5. The particulars relevant to the appeal (describe any background facts that relate to the appeal including how you are affected by the decision.)

6. A description of the relief requested (what do you want the Board to do at the end of the appeal.)

7. The signature of the appellant or the appellant’s representative.

Handling of Information

All information received as a result of the screening process will be kept confidential.

The results will not be disclosed to anyone other than the administrative staff of USASYFL and the Commissioner/President of the organization for which the individual seeks to volunteer/coach, and the appeal committee.

Should information be found that would prevent a volunteer from being accepted, NCSI will be responsible for issuing any required written notices to the volunteer in a confidential manner.

The volunteer is responsible for taking appropriate action to have the results of the criminal check report corrected if they believe information was reported in error.

Should the background check indicate that a volunteer has criminal charges pending that fit the description of charges in our detailed infractions list; the volunteer may be rejected from coaching or as a volunteer until there is a resolution of the charges.

Should an approved volunteer subsequently have any criminal charges brought against him/her that are NOT listed in the detailed disqualification list during their term of service to USASNYFL, they will be required to immediately disclose the nature of the charges to USASNYFL and voluntarily terminate their  coaching and/or volunteer duties until a determination is made by USASNYFL regarding the effect of the pending charges on the volunteer’s functions within the program.



Nothing in this policy shall be construed as a waiver or limitation of the discretion of USASNYFL to disqualify an applicant for a volunteer position when, in the sole opinion of USASNYFL, such is in the interests of USASNYFL or its program participants.

League Excellence Program: Verification


Reports of any of the following criminal offenses/registrations will prompt a “red light” or equivalent flag from the provider.

Criminal offenses are defined on the basis of the offense for which the defendant was convicted, pled guilty or pled nolo contendere or, if pled down, then the crime to which the defendant ultimately pled.

Felony offenses are defined as all crimes punishable by greater than one year in jail or prison, regardless of how characterized by jurisdiction and regardless of the actual sentence imposed (or if range, alternate sentencing, or indeterminate sentencing is applicable, the outer range is greater than one year).

R1. Offenses:(a) Any felony of violence regardless of the amount of time since the offense,OR(b) one (1) non-violent felony within the past ten years, or more than one (1) non-violent felony regardless of the amount of time since the offenses.

R2. Any lesser crime involving force or threat of force against a person within the past ten years or more than one (1) regardless of the amount of time since the offenses.

R3. Any crime (felony or lesser) of a sexual nature or classified as a sex offense including but not limited to crimes of a sexual nature such as prostitution, pornography, indecent exposure; and crimes in which sexual relations is an element regardless of the amount of time since the offense.

R4. Any lesser crime involving controlled substances (not paraphernalia, alcohol, or marijuana) within the past ten years or more than one (1) regardless of the amount of time since the offenses.

R5. Any crime (felony or lesser) involving cruelty to animals regardless of the amount of time since the offenses.

R6. Any sex offender registrant.

R7. Any crime (felony or lesser) involving harm to a minor regardless of the amount of time since the offense.

R8. Any combination of two (2) or more offenses defined in R1(b), R2, or R4, regardless of the amount of time since the offenses. Criminal offenses include “Attempted Crimes” in the above classifications.


USA Football Background Check Search Components

The background check will be run against at a minimum the following search components:

2 Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Databases (“MJDs”) covering 50 States plus District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico

2 National Sex Offender Registries

Social Security Number validation

Name and Address history records

County criminal records search – based on county of longest residence within the last 5-year period

An additional country criminal records search based on MJD result

Other Potentially Disqualifying Factors: Even if an applicant passes a criminal background check, League may determine on its own that other factors disqualify an applicant, for instance if the individual is known to have:

Been held liable for civil penalties or damages involving sexual or physical abuse of a minor

Been subject to any court order involving any sexual or physical abuse of a minor, including but not limited to domestic order or protection

A history with another organization (employment, volunteer, etc.) of complaints of sexual or physical abuse of minors

Resigned, been terminated or been asked to resign from a position - paid or unpaid – due to complaint(s) of sexual or physical abuse of minors

A history of other behavior that indicates they may be a danger to League participants.

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NCSI certification process includes national background check, Safe Sport Act compliant certification course. Fee:$35