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Welcome to USA Select National Youth Football League

The #1 Select Youth Football League in the Nation

7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U

Become a Member of USA Select NYFL

USA Select NYFL is a growing "select football league".  Unlike recreation leagues such as AAU, AYF, Pop Warner, UYFL that have an abundance of teams, select teams are more of an "all-star" team created from the higher tier players that may or may not currently play in recreation leagues, thus the number of select teams will always be less.

USA Select NYFL host a National Championship in December.  Teams may not be in your current area to have a conference or state league.  Teams can still join USA Select, submit rosters by Oct. 1st, find independent games, and can advance to national if you have a sufficient winning record.  No sense in attending national if you your opponents were easy, because you will play the top select teams at nationals. 

In addition as a member of USA Select NYFL, you will be able to purchase your player injury/facility liability insurance from Wilson Sports Insurance.  You will need to be a member to purchase insurance from Wilson and have the lowest rate on insurance for all age groups including Flag (age 4,5,6), and Tackle ages 8 - 13.

Membership is available for each season Spring or Fall.  Spring is $30 per team (age group), and Fall is $30 per team (age group). Spring and Fall are two separate seasons. This fee is your national affiliation fee and is separate from any State league or Conference fees.

Use this link to purchase your membership for the upcoming Fall 2021 season.

If your not Playing select, its only Rec

You have often heard "to be the Best, you must play the Best",

USA Select National Championships is where you find the Best in the Nation.

USA Select Glazier Clinic First 100

Click here to register to be one of the first 100 to receive a free Glazier Clinics Youth Coach 2021 calendar year subscription, as seen on USA Select "Around The League 360". To Register use code: USASGLAZ2021

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USA Select Channel on ROKU TV

USA Select Channel on ROKU



Select Football

the Ultimate Level of Play in Youth Football

A place for Select teams, Associations, and Leagues to play.

Come Play the Best, instead of Beating up on traditional rec teams.

Updates & News


USA Select NYFL 2021 - Age As of Date to Change

The age of of date for USA Select will change to September 1st of the current year beginning in 2022.

The NFHS, and all high school across the nation use September 1 for eligibility for varsity play senior year.  The September 1 date is also used to enter school when the student first begins school.

Youth teams and leagues across the nation need to change to the September 1 date so that all are on the same page for pre season, post season, and tournaments.

Membership 2020 Spring/Fall Season

Join USA Select for the 2020 Spring/Fall Season.  Teams, Organizations, and Leagues will be able to begin registering soon.

A single team, an organization of teams, or a league of teams are eligible to join.  Upon joining, new members will receive a certificate of membership for the current season, or for the duration of years joined.

Injury/liability insurance is available to all members at a discount rate from Wilson Sports Insurance . See "insurance tab" on top menu bar for more information.

See "tabs" above in menu bar for your State league.

USA Select

Age Divisions: 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U

Rosters lock the last Friday of September, add players who have chosen to leave other leagues that are NOT USA Select members.

Select and Recruit Players, Hold Tryouts, No Minimum Play Rule, and its all legal.

National Federation of High School Rules, and USA Select variances.

Players must have current year Physical.

USA Select, the Only Level Higher is High School Varsity.

USA Select NYFL, setting the bar for the highest level of youth football outside of High School Varsity.

All players must have a State issued Identification Card to participate. NO BIRTH CERTIFICATES HERE.  Military Dependent ID Card or Valid U.S. Passport are also accepted as proof of identity and age.

USA Select State Directors

USA Select is seeking State Directors. Must have great communication and organizational skills.

Director will maintain State website, organize conferences within the State, schedule State playoffs, and other duties.

This is a VOLUNTEER position. But has it owns rewards.

Interested persons should email: and Subject: State Director (and which State).

USA Select Channel will host the "Around the League 360" on the ROKU Network

usaselectnyfl Director usaselectnyfl

USA Select is a Member of USA Football